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Hangzhou Blue Sky Qingshui Wan International Hotel (West Lake Hillview International Hotel Hangzhou), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Cet hôtel de montagne près du lac de l 'Ouest est un véritable 'Oxygène naturel'.Ici, la température moyenne est inférieure à 3 - 5 degrés dans le Centre - Ville, il existe une 'station naturelle d 'été', est une maison d' été de préférence.
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  • jimyang2004
    Hotel is near several scenic spot in Hangzhou, travel is convenient, surrounded by Castle Peak hotel, can be said to be naozhongqujing good place in the city. in General is still recommended,
  • dbeini
    Nice hotel with a very good environment, the scenery is very beautiful, but it seemed not so close to the West Lake, a little far, service very good, because temporary change back one day, hotel was very good, soon to resolve the
  • daruiad
    Location is very good! Clean, sanitary, peace! Breakfast is very rich!
  • rujiaxiaoyumi
    Easily and conveniently.
  • mascot
    Hotel is located near the West Lake scenic area! good! the area more convenient! free upgrade to a suite! great! environment is also good! facilities, but the decoration is a bit old! waiters were very friendly, gave them fruit! but this price also sent two buffet breakfasts! value high! recommended!
  • tingtingx
    Is the old facilities, service, everything is OK, it is recommended that
  • babaraliurui
    Well, is that the price is a bit expensive, but the holidays do or understand!
  • Celine
    Also good is inconvenient, too remote,
  • mengdp
    Hotel friendly and the environment is clean, location where all need to take a taxi in the area, but the hotel is responsible for the cars, without extra cost, are still very good
  • aatytr
    A very good environment, not far from the Lake.
  • Evelina
    Environment is not worse, go to Lakeside hotel is 1, 2-kilometer. In this way surrounded by greenery, feel good! Hotel is old, recommends redecorating. breakfast is too local. in General won't have to live.
  • dongjie8018
    Overall OK, is that buying a House to live, ointment is that the sheets had two holes
  • melilime
    Good peripheral environment, built by the mountain, but the hotel has several meeting and even elevator outage to meetings, had to pull the box floor, slightly older rooms, air conditioning, toilet, lights flashing, the overall feel is too old.
  • eudemon0105
    Go to n times, it is suitable for quiet rest
  • jissenny
    Environment in General, I do not know is the Spring Festival, poor health, several seeds did not clean the room.
  • anliu
    Surroundings excellent, cost-effective
  • dengyulan197727
    Service is not worth 5? hotel standard, similar to the shortcut, luggage to nobody, 3 and waiters get together to chat
  • Liues
    Older hotel! room were stale!
  • annlysis
    The foot of the mountain, and a very good environment, suitable for driving, and nice breakfast.
  • CP Astro Boy
    Hotel is located in foot Xia, quiet hospitality, to Lake scenic and commercial shopping district called car are is convenient, location although not in downtown, but Hotel help called car are is easy arrived, self breakfast service is good, for family degrees weekend and leisure charging uses, time if sufficient, rent Shang bike around sightseeing exercise is has features. the because holiday arrived, may Hotel people more reasons, we room hot not is hot, hot air voice than larger, for weekend holiday uses.
  • jimfc
    Is not convenient for transportation, all good
  • e00216997
    Hotel is our recommended hotels, and a very good environment, is the position generally, not very convenient, but the service is good, recommended.
  • lxx881202
    Environment is good
  • Logan Lee
    Which is very nice
  • bebeaiai
    Hotel location slightly, travel less convenient, less surrounding suitable for self-driving travel, but the hotel offers bike rental. shift time by taxi is difficult. room price is relatively high, suitable for families.
  • e01552585
    Watching someone else's evaluation was concerned, after the arrival of hardware facilities are also great, convenient bathroom kids shower, tatami bed love. your drive is very convenient, scenic minutes arrived, opposite the farm house is really great one!
  • percyue
    This hotel is really great, in the area, if you have time you riding their rental bike, cycling is not in the area to visit, it is strongly recommended
  • jessy yan
    Price performance, it is good
  • brianxu
    Very good, very clean
  • sundy13
    Good location, hotel was good
  • jesseyu
    Good hotel Nice, beautiful environment.
  • Fairy_
    Good your Ah, live with certainly comfortable, traffic too hold blocking has..................................................................
  • firewall
    Nice hotel kitchen dish doesn't taste good
  • aubree
    Good location, patron of trees a lot and look very beautiful, very quiet. But breakfast is too little, and few decent variety morning really do not know what to eat, feels porridge and some simple, and the food is divided into two spaces, fruit or something placed on a door, or really don't know.
  • amandaxu
    1. entered the hotel smell, not to mention the room, quilt is dry 2. wrong room number at the front desk, poor service skills 3. wireless network not to 4. eat no 5. station has a rather long way to go, also did not eat breakfast, have a breakfast run far away
  • e04408230
    ... Hotel facilities could be improved, and support services will not work.
  • bensonliang123
    Very satisfied and will continue to
  • foxsilly
    Overall didn't enjoy what service location is on
  • aimes
    Hotel is quiet and convenient, the Tiger, the Zoo is near.
  • veralu
  • e00211663
    It wasn't too bad.
  • janice2000
    Close to the Lake, convenient. large rooms, live quite comfortable. personally recommend this hotel.
  • cysongj
    Which is very nice
  • eileenlp
    The hotel location
  • xiaocao
    Serious is not recommended
  • e00635163
    Hotel is clean, good location. in the mountains. facility feels a bit old
  • cissci
    Very good transport is a bit inconvenient.
  • CangAo
    Service is very good, room ideal for good, but also very convenient
  • jenny871013
    Cost-effective. hotel facilities good drinking water, the staff were very friendly ... great ... like, to live again.
  • caitou
    Nice enough noise, sloping roof is not very much.