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Show personality perspective To draw the outline of delicate boutique book hotel in hangzhou

Date: 2018-02-09

On January 31, sponsored by the tourism board, hangzhou city, zhejiang province, the commercial press co-host of "" the peace place objects - hangzhou boutique hotel" and "hangzhou global tourist map" conference "was held in hangzhou west lake scenic area.
Hangzhou boutique hotel book project is the key of the hangzhou travel committee 2017 planning tourism publicity project, by the 120 - year - old commercial press) published.It is understood that since the launch of the project in May 2017 carefully selected topic planning, interview, content written and visual design, eventually forming the peace place - Hangzhou Boutique hotel objects "(Chinese version), the Homes away from home: Hangzhou Boutique Hotels" (English version) two comprehensive display Hangzhou Boutique hotel features Boutique travel brochures, for domestic and foreign tourists travel to provide actual reference at the same time, to show "the G20 after the" era of Hangzhou high-grade accommodation forms and vibrant city image.
This conference, hangzhou travel committee, deputy director of the armes told reporters: "hangzhou as an international tourist city, to the global spread of poetic hangzhou unique charm and another wonderful.Boutique hotel, popular in the west, the hotel form was born in China in recent years.Chosen the theme of boutique hotel, is hopes that by the international hotel form of cognitive concepts and full of personality, described hangzhou as the innovation and development in the emerging international tourist city, passed hangzhou greet visitors to the world of inclusive, self-confidence and delicate feeling."The commercial press, hangzhou branch chief editor Liu Yue yan said: "as the oldest publishing organization in China, the commercial press, 120 have been with the 'peculiarity education, enlightening masses' as own duty, is known as a kingdom of reference books and academic town.This time, we are always launched the microscopic hangzhou (chinese-english edition), the hangzhou glimpse of travel books in English, etc, on the basis of the books, the concept of the principle to transfer, with real images and authentic language for the reader to present a picture of the beauty of its beauty, long hangzhou boutique hotel picture scroll.The project launched by hangzhou travel committee, novel idea, temperament, tells the story of China to the world from the perspective of tourism culture, spread the Chinese voice."In the future, the content of the commercial press will be with high quality planning and professional publishing service to create a series of rich regional culture characteristics of fine books, hangzhou and spread all over the world, the promotion.
Conference, senior team from books content planning, interview and write in English translation perspective to share the contents of the book and the creative process.Presented in the book of more than 30 boutique hotel, through strict screening and filtering, no matter market cognitive or hardware and software services, represents the hangzhou high quality accommodation forms and new development trends of hotel industry.Both of them industry awareness higher international brands, such as four seasons scenery, French YunAn went hotel;Also has the leading local emerging of the concept of cultural brand, such as adjusting to jas valley spring hill, west lake lu yi hotel hotel, fragrance product hidden domain.Some deep vacationing industry in the important tourist attractions in the hotel, there are scattered in the surrounding counties of small characteristic hotel.Covers these boutique hotel, in the design of silk culture, tea culture, the culture of reclusion and canal culture of multiple elements, such as passing the "slow life" elegant quiet, annotation "the mind is my country" hangzhou lasting appeal.
As Marco Polo's "city of the world's most beautiful showily", hangzhou is the city of history and culture, is the city of creativity.By the G20 summit, it presents to the world history and reality blend of unique flavor.And the opening of the summit is to the development of hangzhou great dividends.How in the era of the G20 to attract more and more people know, into the hangzhou, hangzhou show and upgrade the international popularity and internationalization of hangzhou city level?In the information age of the Internet +, we need to spread of symbolization in the usual way, looking for more granular and the Angle of human nature, and hangzhou boutique hotel book project is a successful attempt."The peace place" in English in city culture as the nucleus, with boutique hotel link between Chinese and western, with good visual image, with real information service travel demand, in native language city story, at the same time of leading readers to experience refined and comfortable trip, passed hangzhou multivariate inclusive character and vitality of innovation of city development.
The book has been in the national English major bookstores and the commercial press day cat, jingdong, synchronization on amazon's flagship store sales.Electronic books will also be early February in the amazon platform synchronous online.