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The Spring Festival in hangzhou the temperature like a roller coaster Warm is very short

Date: 2018-02-13

Heating to experience a spring to swim, then cold air return or sleet
The first New Year's eve "spring rain" raining on second day cool at night, after the third back to winter
The path of the most difficult is the road to recovery.
The temperature rises very not easy points, and forced back by the cold air.Then start again, this time the temperature is a little too hard - on February 14, hangzhou will reach the highest temperature 18 ℃.
Before the Spring Festival, our province is given priority to with good weather, but the weather during the Spring Festival, farewell sunny days at the same time, can even the temperature is going to be together, with go.The Spring Festival, don't really need to prepare two sets of clothes?
Today the temperature recovery
On February 14, the hangzhou high temperature 18 ℃
Below the freezing point again, lowest temperature yesterday morning, in the north of hangzhou minimum temperature of 0.2 ℃.
Provincial meteorological observatory predicted that this next three days, our province is given priority to with good weather, in addition to the temperature is still low in the morning, daytime temperatures gradual recovery.
Today, the wind is still some messy in hangzhou, hangzhou meteorological observatory predicted that today most northerly winds level 5 to 7, the lowest temperature plain area 0 ~ 2 ℃ ice, mountain - 3 ~ 6 ℃ have frozen or severe freezing, the highest temperature of 10 ~ 14 ℃.
Hangzhou temperatures are not "thaw" this morning, the lowest temperature - 1 ℃, have frozen, 11 ℃, the highest temperature during the day the mistral class 4 ~ 5 wind 6.
In early February, cold air will give their "two scene", difficulties and makes the road to recovery.
According to the provincial meteorological service center statistics, early February this year, the entire province average temperature 2.7 ℃, time of 6.1 ℃, 3.4 ℃.But, after all, spring is over, although the spring is not equal to spring, but the warming trend is unstoppable.
Today, the country will enter "thaw".
In most parts of the country this week, the temperature will gradually return to high level, especially in the parts of jiangnan heats up, the highest temperature will rise to about 20 ℃, the awaken of spring is increasingly strong.
Hangzhou hangzhou observatory, is expected to 14, the temperature will rise obviously, the highest temperature of 18 ℃ or so.
Weather experts remind that this week into the Spring Festival peak, road, railway station, airport passenger volume is larger, travel need to pay attention to traffic safety.The temperature fluctuation is bigger, hot and cold, need according to the weather forecast, timely adjust the dress.
What's the weather like during Spring Festival
After the first false "spring", "rain"
Before the Spring Festival, our province is given priority to with good weather, everybody, buying necessities and is very comfortable.
The Spring Festival is more and more close, but the weather is a bit annoyed, because rain and set out to.Provincial meteorological station is expected, the New Year's eve to the first province have weak precipitation, second day up affected by changes in temperature air at night, there is a cool precipitation process.
From the point of the current forecast, on the day of the New Year's eve, hangzhou Yin turn light rain, the first is a light rain weather, the second day (17) into a cloudy weather, grade (18) and then to light rain weather.
Farewell sunny days at the same time, the temperature was also taken away.
The Spring Festival, I really need to prepare two sets of clothes?
Weather forecast net 8 to 15 days from China, 4 to the 10th (19-25), hangzhou will bubble in the rain, in which the seventh, eighth day may also usher in sleet, temperature also dropped, 21, the highest temperature there is 7 ℃, leaves 4 to 22 ℃, the lowest temperatures hovering at 0 ℃.However, medium and long term forecast is just embodies the trend of the weather, the uncertainty is very large, the late to adjustments.
Weather channel of China meteorological, according to analysts believe hin "more temperature before and after the Spring Festival is expected to have a big rebound in northeast (not obvious), the Yangtze river basin is much warmer, but persistent, daily average temperature can continuous stability above 10 ℃, chongqing is spring is (February 13th, all the year round in February this year may be checking in February 13 or 14, spring), and such as nanchang, hangzhou and other cities in the south of the Yangtze river will be false spring, after the third temperature crash, back in the winter."
Letter hin said, for the jiangnan area, the "recovery" may only be a "spring experience tour", after the experience again to continue in the winter, coldly.
The Spring Festival, the hangzhou weather how?Is "enjoying" or "rain", believe that will soon be the answer, you still wait for release authority.