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Hangzhou west lake scenic area implementation of single-line Limited in the tourist season in spring

Date: 2018-03-09

March has come, hangzhou is the most beautiful season is about to keep to the sentiment and the roof of the scenic spot.Want to go out to play some kind of worry that stuck on the road again?
The hangzhou public security traffic police department in this year's spring tourist season (i.e. on May 27, March 10 solstice during the qingming festival, "51" labor day except) the double cease day, traffic organization scheme implemented for good.
Spring tourist season during the weekends, at 8:30 daily to 17, the west lake scenic area of high emission of motor vehicles continue to implement environmental action, beishan street, south road, Yang Gong dike around the road ban countries Ⅱ and under high emission vehicles;Scenic area road small motor vehicle restrictions ". The "measures.Limit on the west lake scenic area. The measures and knowing little about the owner of the friends may by focusing on "hangzhou traffic police" public WeChat ID to obtain restrictions to remind.
The downtown single cycle.Spring tourist season at 8:30 every day during weekends to 19, the scenic area the downtown counterclockwise one-way cycle measures: south mountain (YuHuangShan intersection to intersection section of embankment of Yang Gong), China road (Yang Gong dike road to nine obsidian mountain tunnel section) for motor vehicles from the east to xidan to pass;Nine obsidian mountain tunnel, lotus peak road cars from west to east one-way;YuHuangShan road (lotus peak road to nanshan road section) to maintain two-way traffic.
The northern road.Spring during the weekends, the tourist season, at 8:30 daily to 17 MeiLing road (qing-shan ji tunnel to longjing road section) for motor vehicles from west to east one-way;Lingyin road (HongChunQiao to Bai Le bridge sections) for motor vehicles to pass from the east to the xidan, lingyin branch (Bai Le bridge to spirit creek south road) cars one-way from west to east.When the beishan street go slow because of the heavy traffic jams, will depend on shunt measures, prohibited to motor vehicles (except bus, taxi) into beishan street;Depending on the situation in xixi bauhinia road banned motor vehicles (except the bus, bus, taxi) into the creek tunnel.
During the weekends, when the daily 10 to 19, jade ancient road fork, jade green cheese dock banned motor vehicles from south to west sunset road intersection turn left.
During the weekends, the tourist season when the elevated roads traffic block, hangzhou traffic police will shut as part of ramp.