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2012 "winter swimming Tibet sunshine" special meeting held in hangzhou

Date: 2012-11-23

Compared with the winter rain permeated hangzhou, Tibet winter warm warm sunshine always makes a lot of hangzhou people envy. Whether it is in the holy city of Lhasa or in northern Tibet grassland naqu or tsang xigaze, the warmth of the sun must always follow your footsteps, lays blows cold and wet.
Today (Nov. 22) afternoon, 2012 winter "winter swimming Tibet sunshine" Tibet travel tour meeting held in the blue sky, clear water bay international hotel in hangzhou. From Tibet area, two level (city) administrative department of tourism, Tibet tourism enterprises, tourism bureau, zhejiang province, hangzhou local travel agencies and other representatives to attend the meeting.
In the winter, Tibet tourism promotion meeting from 7 (city) in Tibet tourism sector representatives respectively to introduce participants to the winter Tibet tourism resources and tourism products. Several representatives of Tibet travel agency also to recommend a few special winter Tibet tourism route. Although different routes, but they all said that winter in Tibet tourism, not only can enjoy to the more favorable price than travel season, and the winter scenery of Tibet does not have lasting appeal.
With warm sunshine, the towering snow-capped mountains, warm spring, this year on February 11, more "Tibetan New Year" to give priority to a variety of folk festivals and cultural activities, one by one wonderful folk custom activity will let you feel uninhibited character of Tibetan comprehensive and profound Tibetan culture charm. In winter you can harvest in Tibet tourism "unique" natural beauty, can also enjoy the "unique" humanistic amorous feelings.
Take active in recent years, the Tibet autonomous region tourism bureau "please come in and go out", intensify winter swimming propaganda of Tibet, the Tibet tourism development has made remarkable achievements in winter. In the winter of 2011 growth of 48%, total prolongs Tibet travel season, the off-season.
Tibet is ready to chang and pure white hada, with open arms waiting for you the arrival!