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Micro letter, change the hotel marketing

Date: 2013-11-06

The rise of new media, marketing innovation. How to make full use of the micro letter for hotel brand publicity and online services? Recently, sponsored by the hangzhou hotel association "micro letter, change the hotel marketing model" training class, more than 90 hotel about 200 people attended the micro letter of actual combat training.
Micro letter is gradually replace calls and text messages, as between passenger and the hotel entrance. The hotel industry is the first to use micro letter marketing industry, micro letter of super 8 hotel member alone has topped 1 million, more than 4000 single day orders.
Slightly open letter third-party companies on the market at present is multifarious, in order to better for the member
Hotel provides professional, authoritative, micro letter marketing channel and the platform, hangzhou hotel association invited the micro letter's recommended enterprise to teach "micro letter small life, the future and the development of solutions to help hotel set up their own marketing platform.