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Sleep in hangzhou, the small small luxury hotel

Date: 2013-11-09

This upgrade to small hotel, rare in Beijing, in hangzhou, but it can pick and choose, the one easy to select the most beloved.
The good life samples
Where peach yard
Speaking of peach coffee, hangzhou's literary youth don't know. Last October, make peach coffee a few designers and near the lingyin temple Bai Le bridge opened a design feeling quite strong small hotel: peach yard. Small courtyard only five chat rooms and a living room and small yard. The designers don't think this is "boutique hotel", and more hope to have the home at ease.
Five rooms, name called days respectively, sun, trees, clouds, mountains, this is the most important elements of the good life. Name is "day" rooms, for example, is located at the corner on the second floor 2 meters big bed room, the window alone accounted for two sides wall, whole is ten metres long. Out of the window, Bai Le dwellings in the shadow of the bridge is like concealed, bird dogs, linyin temple bell, seemingly incidental details made an at arm's length distance. Soft sunlight on the sheet, let a person in just don't want to go out.
Every traveler ask, what is the most important thing in a comfortable hotel element? Asked the group of designers, answer them and unconstrained style, can be found in a small yard peach. Perhaps latex mattresses and latex pillow, let you in the night listening to the yard locust and the sound of a breeze through the trees, can also be like in his own bed comfortable and relaxed. Music, maybe, the hall into the phillips tak design sound; When you walk through, pull a muji CD player of the rope and the wonderful music is echoed in a small yard. Might be flowers, peach small courtyard of the gate, is a tree planted in 1979 GuiHuaShu; , behind the house are host plant a plant, a variety of meaty plant is the most beautiful ornament in this simple space; Maybe your answer is totally different, you can come in person.