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The second session of Chinese cultural festival opened in hangzhou hotel

Date: 2013-11-09

On June 20, at night, the second China hotel culture festival in hangzhou huanglong hotel grand opening (the site of the opening ceremony for the live webcast). The festival with "transformation, docking, cooperation" as the theme, 20 activities, promote the development of industry transformation, to adapt to the development trend of industry, from the United States, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, international friends and nearly 2000 representatives from all over the country 32 provinces and cities. Among them, China's top ten noodles, ten big moon cake and one hundred native dishes display innovative ideas and patterns, making the hotel culture festival had the new development both in scope and functions, especially for the industry the direction of the new situation, new changes and new market guidance, add a new bright spot for festival.
In 2012, the first Chinese restaurant cultural festival held in hangzhou success. Today, the second China hotel culture festival in new half a welcome dinner buffet - up in huanglong feast. Vice secretary of the municipal government, city west bo said Ye Min, director of the office, cultural festival was held in hangzhou, China hotel in zhuhai to further advance represented by hotel industry life brings valuable opportunities to the sex industry, our city will be based on this new opportunity, efforts for the prosperity of the hotel industry sustainable development to create a better environment for development, to provide more high quality affordable service, to promote more excellent brands in the hotel industry to hangzhou investment cooperation, create beautiful tomorrow of enterprise and the zhuhai science development.
The reporter understands, the three-day event, huanglong main hotel will show the culture festival with zhejiang world trade center of the top ten, including: senior BBS guide back to a new direction for the public, mid-range hotels could lead to new opportunities in the future market, the wedding industry is focused on the transformation of hotel catering market, meeting new concept hotel transfer transformation, inn with folk custom hotel building third largest housing market, information technology and new technology to improve the traditional hotel industry development, the transformation of native dishes to promote food and beverage products, food and beverage yan locked security transformation of industrialization, green hotel guide operation, saving investment negotiation promote industrial docking. Especially the comprehensive analysis of the national economy and the development trend of China's hotel industry conference in the hotel industry and assemble industry elite international prize award ceremony will be fully display the important content of China's hotel industry transformation and upgrading of the latest achievements and development direction. These activities are rich in content, forms and colorful. China hotel association said cases.surgery, through constructing the platform of the Chinese cultural festival, will better promote the culture of strong enterprises and brand cooperation, to build China's hotel industry upgrade, realize the transformation and upgrading. Hope China hotel culture festival every year to do better, to expand consumption, promote employment and improve people's livelihood and the realization of the "Chinese dream" of the people happy life to make a positive contribution.
Focuses on professional study, and the 2nd China hotel culture festival will also create a universal participation in the hotel. Hotel culture festival will bring taste to hangzhou citizens enjoy and visual impact of the dual meet. Hangzhou part of the famous hotel will provide free for visiting citizens and accommodation experience. 2000 hangzhou small steamed bun, shaped like a chrysanthemum 2013 Korean nutritional balanced rice, and more than 500 ancient town inn experience stamps, all within the scope of delivery.