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Hangzhou xintiandi, the birth of a serviced apartment "all-around champion"

Date: 2013-05-17

What kind of serviced apartment market's most popular pet? Such products for the hangzhou star calendar year, there are three kinds of basic winners: one kind is to use special high standard serviced apartments, with 5 meters above the LOFT structure to obtain high room rate, such as, poly bay, heaven and earth; One kind is using north-south all-transparent, tube coal types of residential design, such as the star city CBD5 number; A kind of commercial complex is the urban core supporting property, the most typical is vientiane city, yue seal.
Most of the time, serviced apartments as long as have more than one unique advantage, can easily move markets; And if there is a building can set the three "trick", every what will happen? The upcoming hangzhou xintiandi, sega (dynamic pricing model), the new seat is just such a hangzhou has never been "perfect LOFT"; Under the eyebrows of the property tax, sega new seat is not open, hot, become popular choice to hedge for many home buyers and assets.
Downstairs is the Shopping Mall, five-star hotels and grade a office
"Service apartments (Serviced Properties)" or "Serviced apartment" original meaning, this is a kind of form a complete set of living for people in the business services. Therefore, such products are generally located in the metropolis of flourishing center, to provide business people around the world about luxury and comfortable living environment, also has become an important manifestation of internationalization of city.
At present, hangzhou also have many room called "serviced apartment" products, but most is but a small family single apartment an elegant name. True in wulin, huanglong and qianjiang new city business circle, such as clove apartment, nothing but dark blue square, China resources west, Europe and the United States center for EAC and star city, yue seal a few. In the business circle, built in the urban core commercial complex serviced apartments are much rarer, in addition to the unit price in more than 30000 yuan seal and west international, may be several hangzhou xintiandi's forthcoming sega new mountains.
Built in the urban core supporting property of commercial complex, known as "pearl on the crown of" serviced apartments. The typical representative of Hong Kong harbour city Hong Kong wei hao atrium and Pacific place the sunrise Siam hin. Them with a large shopping center, first class office buildings and five-star hotels are together in a park, has the best shopping, dining and entertainment to enjoy, with the top business customers, sometimes a hotel provides the first-class accommodation services. With a total of 136 sets of houses the sunrise Siam hin, for example, campus has three grade a office building, 70000 square swire square shopping center, and shangri-la, marriott and port three high star-rated hotel, the residents can enjoy dining room service 24 hours, still can use the marriott hotel swimming pool, fitness center and business center. Lived in the city, representing the people at the forefront of a city grade and dream.
Previously, qianjiang new city yue seal is hangzhou such property of the first samples. Is about to open of sega new complex is located in the largest city in hangzhou, hangzhou new world, comprehensive body contains the famous brand, international business center, shopping square, SOHO office headquarters/LOFT residence, industrial heritage blocks, international five-star hotels, and other functional areas. At present, hangzhou xintiandi has formally signed a five-star Radisson (Radisson Blu) hotel, will build consists of Asia's largest IMAX giant screen in the cinema, 360000 party shigeru international business center of the east has started.
Because this city of 1.8 million halo, given by the complex sega new hot before opening, customers accumulation has reached thousands of groups. After all, most people would want such a life: downstairs is nearly 1 km of park, square, and drainage, three meals a day can be solved in the cinemas in the shopping center, sometimes to eat exotic restaurants, entertainment centers and friends sing KTV, after dinner to enjoy the large light show in the square, to the brand stores, shopping center, IMAX theater to watch a latest blockbuster...
5.4 meters high, 140 - room rate 180%, 78 can do three layer "jump this living"
If sega new seat just a yue seal or west of the international business circle time level, may not be sufficient to achieve such a powerful sales force. Hangzhou may also have other city, urban complex development but like sega new seat up to 5.4 meters layer of LOFT serviced apartments, but may never come again.
As serviced apartments is between "commercial real estate" and "residential real estate", its design specification and the average house there are many differences, especially the height restrictions to be more liberal, and this makes all kinds of serviced apartments products with "high", "add layer" and "LOFT family" as a selling point, but it also become the main reason many people choose serviced apartments.
But as the government gradually implementation of the "prohibition", high-rise tall serviced apartments batch out more and more difficult. The last time the more than 5 meters height serviced apartment in hangzhou products appear, or liquidation of the early last year, poly bay, heaven and earth. Public serviced apartments, and even made a LOFT door model, the height is in 4.8 meters the following, The LOFT, if separated into two layers to deduct the thickness of the floor slab, after decorating the net height of only 2.1 meters per layer, space comfort. Last year, hangzhou to the west of a LOFT serviced apartments because of only 4.2 meters high, has sparked controversy for a long time at the moment. Many buyers are claiming inner quite a struggle.
Hangzhou xintiandi, by contrast, sega new absolutely let a person shine at the moment. Sega new seat of the main model for 35-85, fine decoration standard higher than the 4000 yuan/square meters, each door model the height is 5.4 meters. Interlayer and fine decoration, this not only means that every door model the actual room rate was an astounding 140%, 180%, and each layer of the net with nearly 2.5 meters high, the space feels very smooth and comfortable. Want to know, hangzhou most smooth layer on the surface of house decoration after the net height is 2.6 meters.
The most incredible is, by clever design, sega new seat even make three rooms in 78 the family hall three health "three layer jump tree name" pattern, the actual set inside area is high.