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Feel the cool and refreshing summer hotel while tea

Date: 2014-10-08

Sorching summer, what is more important than meditation of cool and refreshing to come! Though to Harbin natural cool, but good tea tasting tea while on holiday in a beautiful environment of the hotel on summer is ok!
Sri Lanka Hotel Ceylon tea diameter
Central Sri Lanka, there is a valley called the valley of the saints, is considered to be the tea planting yellow jingu, was also the ancient sinhalese ethnic populations. Valley can be seen everywhere in the rolling green hills, plantation cottage and tea garden. Ceylon tea diameter hotel is located at an altitude of 4000 meters on the plateau, still retains the former British colonial architecture. Visitors can relax in the magnificent English garden, enjoy spa, or visit the tea factory visit, biking, long can also walk and drifting. Leisurely afternoon, you can comfortably on one side on the grass tea, while enjoying the sight of mountains.
Hangzhou inferior at
Inferior at repose diffuse camellia a luxuriantly green, the hotel's design inspiration comes from the 14th century Chinese landscape painting "fuchun mountains". The designed by the Belgian architect jean Michael benghazi's picturesque idyllic resorts 150 miles east of Shanghai. Romantic exhibition hall, located between the light bright mountain lake, uneven distribution of private villas strewn at random have send before peaks on the hillside. This is the sort of place can only be seen only in fairy tale book: luxury decoration, combined with the design style of modern and classical Chinese culture; The spacious bathroom, there are some villas have indoor swimming pool; Not far from tea plantations on the hillside, and 18 hole golf course. The quiet place for enjoying tea and feel the nature, the famous inferior spa is contains the most simple natural harmonious thought in ancient China.
Hong Kong peninsula hotel
Hong Kong peninsula hotel afternoon tea is famous around the world. To Hong Kong, less than the splendid peninsula small sit half afraid waste empty on the trip. The peninsula hotel was born in bustling in the 1920 s, has been hailed as a "lady" of the far east, the service here is unique in Chinese and western style. Guests can choose lodging place, can choose a magnificent ancient historic buildings, can also choose to fashionable modern peninsula tower, overlooking the beautiful harbour and Hong Kong island. The hotel spa in Asia, large terrace and swimming pool, can comfortably enjoy the charming scenery, Victoria bay.