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Hangzhou will build tourism upgrade Improve the development contribution

Date: 2014-07-31

Yesterday morning, the mayor Zhang Hongming special investigation zhuhai tourism stressed at work, traveling is the government and people have in common an "iron rice bowl", is also a "gold card" of hangzhou towards the world, a genuine pillar industry, hangzhou to drive economic growth, ensuring the huimin 'income, promote city image plays an important role.
A fieldwork Zhang Hongming and jian-ting zhang about Mosaic, impression west lake, hangzhou xixi paradise travel international travel service, encourages relevant units around the marketization operation, improve the tourism influence and reputation. Last year, the zhuhai tourism added value 53.81 billion yuan, accounting for the city's GDP by 6.45%, 10.43% of the added value of service industry.
Then Zhang Hongming mayor symposium held in municipal committee, heard the city travel committee work report, the zhuhai tourism work give full affirmation. He pointed out that, more attention must be paid to the clarity of the situation. Tourism development is to implement national and provincial party committee, provincial government strategic objective need, is the inevitable choice of accords with the practice of development of hangzhou, is a steady growth, structural adjustment, important gripper's livelihood, is the important measures to promote the reform and opening up, strengthen the urban competitiveness. To seize the party central committee and state council attaches great importance to the development of tourism, domestic tourism consumption upgrade, hangzhou has become a city "double world heritage", the opportunities, further tourism development, to strengthen the construction of tourism infrastructure and alleviate the structural conflict of the tourism industry, promote the sustainable development tourism.
Zhang Hongming stressed that the tourism industry to make new greater contributions to the development of the city to build tourism upgrade, improve contribution to the economic development. To the "four modernizations" as the starting point, further clarify the train of thought, insist on the whole domain, the internationalization of tourism, quality, information and intelligence, promote the development of tourism. To promote and expand and promote the new development of tourism, improving the existing level of tourism development, strengthen the tourism brand effect, the mining counties (city) the tourism potential, develop new projects and new people, promote tourism and trade, culture, modern agriculture and related industrial convergence development. To deepen the reform to promote tourism development, promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism enterprises, and actively cultivate large enterprise groups, to speed up the transformation of upscale hotel development; Actively expand the market, use all kinds of exhibition festival activities, which are well depth expanding the international market, strengthening project special tourism. To optimize the environment of tourism development in a more better service, maintain the tourism market order, improve the tourism logo, establishing tourism consulting center, improve the management level, strengthen the protection of cultural heritage, promote the overall quality of tour guide. To more powerful leadership, perfect the policy to promote tourism development, the governments at various levels shall strengthen the management of tourism industry, perfect the mechanism, policy, strengthening the support for tourism development, the whole city together to accelerate the construction of international important tourism and leisure center.