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"Tips" hangzhou west lake scenery as beautiful

Date: 2014-11-23

The west lake outside the same beautiful scenery
Love to travel, will be equivalent to the hangzhou west lake, is greatly weakened the hangzhou the charm of the "one of the seven ancient capitals of China". Shunde a keen tourer tells a reporter, now the organizer to domestic famous tourist city, there is always a bad habit of "see", is in the limited time to play multiple cities, the results every city can only pick one of the most distinctive attractions for half a day. In the long term, resulting in shunde tourists to hangzhou, only the impression that the west lake.
This summer, we recommend that hangzhou attractions group, hope you can live in the city in a period of time, up to more than 120 scenic spots will bring you as much as the beauty of the west lake.
Preparation: the book has a number of good family hotel
Past days tour of hangzhou, booking hotel is one of the important link, living on the edge of the west lake is the best choice. But due to the location of gold, even general hotel, also need at least 500 yuan a day, if the peak season reservation, cost is higher.
Is worth rejoicing, hangzhou this year to develop the family hotel, including in the west lake blue cheese between zhejiang university and dock areas, the hotel complex is a newly developed family, also form a complete set of special food and other facilities.
The most important thing is that blue cheese dock family hotel decoration is very exquisite, but the price is very reasonable, guest room is generally not more than 300 yuan a night. Because green cheese dock to walk to the west lake scenic spots recently YueWang temple only 15 minutes, so if you choose "tips" hangzhou, almost is the best choice.
Swimming: multiple attractions group at your pick
Since chose "resident in swimming, so hangzhou attractions group can be a. In simple terms, the most famous scenery group has two, one is the west lake scenery group, the other is "two rivers and two lakes", namely "fuchun river, xin an river, thousand island lake - xianghu lake" scenic area. In addition, hangzhou has two national nature reserve, b is a nature reserve, cool and refreshing peak respectively.
Even in downtown hangzhou, still can find 25 national key cultural relics protection units and nine national museum. In the city have received more than 10000 various types of tourism scenic area, more than 120 spots.
So many attractions group, you can choose "busy", every day rush in the first line hot spots, can also be "leisure", select a few key areas, to savor the good.
Another special recommendation is the west lake, the moment at this time the west lake lotus beautiful scenery and a visit to, feast for the eyes.
Discover swim:
Less popular sites do not have lasting appeal
Because hangzhou numerous historic sites, many are not included in the recommendation. Shunde a multi-worlds and recommend, on the side of the west lake, baochu pagoda will unveil more chic modelling than coasts, but few people to play.
Some shunde, travelers can also tried through the urban area of hangzhou found a large number of ancient dwellings, "it feels like sand or gulangyu island in guangzhou, but the difference is that the site of the ancient dwellings and hidden, and inaccessible, you walk, the feeling is very wonderful".
Swim several
Accommodation: in addition to the blue cheese dock, hangzhou and other family hotel is not on the side of the west lake can choose, better living environment, the price is more reasonable.
Travel: hangzhou urban traffic congestion, it is recommended that the public bicycle can loan provided by the government, only a few yuan for a cheap, but can travel several attractions, save a lot of transportation costs. And hangzhou government construction of bike lanes very attentively, basic can a bicycle lanes have 5 meters wide, visit the city is very convenient.
Diet: a lot of snacks in hangzhou, there are many characteristic shop, cost is not high, but can have no common value things.