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The West Lake Hillview International Hotel (Lantian Qingshuiwan Guoji Dajiudian) is located just a five-minute walk from West Lake,  nestled between the Yuhuang and Jiuyao mountains. The on-site restaurants serve both Chinese and Western dishes. Business travelers can make full use of on-site conference rooms to organize events. For recreation,  there are many fitness facilities for guests to take advantage of.

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住客评论 3814条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • amyliu1234
    Pretty good!
  • Peter Vonnie
    Hotel location, the hotel provides scheduled commuter car, great room, a bit wet!
  • E02160826
    Hotel location, surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. From West Lake and leifeng pagoda, are very close to hotel facilities. Nice, clean room.
  • feijun_0321
    Rooms are a little big, health in General, which is not very convenient. have to walk 15 minutes to the nearest bus station, the room was a lifter, depressing, skylights are dirty.
  • Andy.wu
    1, relatively good location, away from the coasts, Sudi is not too far away, walking around 20min; 2, service OK staff overall very friendly and can help with your luggage, taxi; 3, the equipment is relatively old, 5/f, the ventilation is very bad, bed wet, estimated to be in the mountains, high humidity.
  • will6007
    Second to play for the second time this hotel Hangzhou good recommend
  • anneli
    Good good good
  • c740314
    The location was excellent, with the elderly and children, free upgrade to view room at the front desk. Specifically the baby's crib. Hotel is quiet, fully equipped ... overall good ... recommended!
  • Erinnn
    The lights, air conditioning not cold enough!
  • linda333333
    Hotel rooms are too old, but it had to be at this price
  • e02859005
    Price very good hotels, from the opening date number of countless. early morning walk 10 minutes to the Jade Emperor Hill or small wetlands, you can walk to 25-30 close to Lake. with regard to hotel and room facilities, though they are not considered premium, but also clean and tidy. lack of WiFi almost, a bit slow.
  • td10140
    OK hotel, in the area, is not convenient, Hangzhou now limit line
  • Marisa
    Should not be a five-star hotel room smells, traffic is very convenient, in General.
  • s3481390
    Is poor, 700 Yuan of room will hit head, space fundamental no introduced in the so big, space small have cannot again small, health poor, sheets Shang has blood, also known as landscape is Hall roof, set hotel also out status, came to hotel said didn't room, call to customer service also said didn't approach, later playing phone complaints only to solution, is is is disappointed, were it not for has buckle has room, on directly check out has, Hey, disappointed,
  • emma1207
    OK, OK,
  • greeneidolon
    It wasn't too bad
  • ling098
    Environment dirty, breakfast super bad
  • dungeon
    Surrounding area very good hotel overall, facilities are old, the hotel wireless network is poor
  • rainbow_luyan
  • amyliu5611
    Winter. no heating in the room ... can't sleep for one night. decoration also compared the old
  • montela
    Very comfortable hotel environment service is great!
  • feige911
    Anniversary each year, remains the same here, good service, comfortable environment
  • poonfamily
    Many hotel, West Lake is easy. access is convenient.
  • floata
    Family room should have three sets of toiletries
  • denggf
    Nice, but it is not convenient for transportation, suitable for holidays
  • e00094279
    I want to say is that this hotel is really very nice, arranged to have a mountain view room, sit down in the room you can see the mountains, the scenery is very good, hotel was very clean, nice! Very fast WiFi, breakfast very rich, very good!
  • amber_fujing
    Hotel reception warm, nice, breakfast was good, Li Lin, Manager to solve various problems, recommend this hotel, and services that match the
  • xcxlovewy
    Very good hotel, a bit far away from the bus station
  • ntleer
    Hotel equipments are old, good location, the overall feeling is very general.
  • fasten
    Environment pleasant, scenic area, good breakfast
  • EdYeward
    Villa, everything old. musty smell is very heavy.
  • princet_taotao
    At now, I on live this hotel, at four o'clock in the morning, fundamental sleep not with. a unit strong of mold taste, let we couples with 11 months baby insomnia. 549 Yuan a night of mountain room was is such; 2 floor room, actually is a floor, door a big pillars, see not to mountain, only see road go of people, in broad daylight you have pulled two layer curtain; toilet Shang has two root is long of hair; is early out of people road chat you are can heard. I wants to and four years Qian liveOf differences too big has on and front desk communication, front desk said you set of is mountain room is 2 floor to 3 floor. Comrade are, if you wants to spent your points of money selected good points of hotel, in this hotel, you on selected 800 above of, than really than shortcut hotel. Although go to Lake 25 minutes, but you night will insomnia Ah. I life Taobao, JD all all of first times poor assessment to this hotel has, although I is repeat customers, but really variable has.
  • lilymasa
    Hotels are older, environment good, outside of self drive, traffic, is not very convenient, breakfast also!
  • figododo
    A very good environment, good service, was out of the handle, and are available at the bike? rent, ride tour Lake is convenient, to the West Lake is 10 minutes.
  • tsang722
  • jycbusiness
    Bathroom and bedroom-pass, featured mountain view was a loft to dig two Windows. finding a gym in a strange upstairs. Summary; depression, strange ... Nice.
  • dfafds
    Hotel is a bit old, price, breakfast is so-so
  • maymay350
    Second times staying has, this once I is wants to to a poor assessment, only for breakfast service. first, a meters not to of child to addition charges, this I didn't views, two a child pay has 68 Yuan. but, breakfast supply to 9; 30, I of understanding is I 9;29 to on should guarantee I of normal dining, but we 9;10 points to dish on has not update has, beverage district Cup also no, Manager lied about also in disinfection, actually on not intends to again took out. children are morning on loveEat fruit and drink milk, and nothing to eat. 9;30 really will directly order, night of not eating anything at all, then why charge a kid money? yiren room service was very good
  • pop6607976
    The West Lake scenic area
  • au_tomyang
    From the Tiger Zoo are very close, the environment is, a little odor, and the price is right.
    Nice, quiet
  • randomtr
    Surrounding environment good, the price is cheaper
  • Elingyun
    Area is close to Nice
  • nbreyda
    Hotel of service very satisfaction, especially front desk of week Mr of service, first days I on set of room not satisfaction, requirements for to VIP floor, but VIP floor no room, next day week Mr for we upgrade to VIP floor, and active for I handling luggage, away from shop is is he of service, full reflected five-star of service, yihou to Hangzhou on live this a home. VIP floor of room is big, environment is good. worth recommended. features mountain big bed room (Hotel statue enjoy) [containing early]
  • Small wild §
    Good value for money, taking static!
  • e02271977
    This excellent hotel is only a five-point play. two business big bed room set, into a suite. two layers, each layer of large, three separate bathrooms, three balconies and a very good environment.
  • miyabibest
    Environment, but hotel room tatami style did not like, especially depression
  • dairy
    Nice, next time stay
  • peter_dong
    Hotel not too many people, but the environment is very good, breakfast was good
  • imac630
    Nice hotel with high performance-price ratio