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The West Lake Hillview International Hotel (Lantian Qingshuiwan Guoji Dajiudian) is located just a five-minute walk from West Lake,  nestled between the Yuhuang and Jiuyao mountains. The on-site restaurants serve both Chinese and Western dishes. Business travelers can make full use of on-site conference rooms to organize events. For recreation,  there are many fitness facilities for guests to take advantage of.

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住客评论 1662条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • ling098
    Environment dirty, breakfast super bad
  • tonydavid
    Price is not expensive, asked not to be too high. waiter's clothes are torn, boss really interwoven. tickets for the children has been recommended by hotels, and rent, ' ' car, 180 an hour.
  • tangybo
    Nice Lake near, car rental service, ten minutes by bike!
  • alexvivian
    Hotel yard, nice, which is not very convenient, driving is very good! interior is a bit old but I can only smell I can't stand! Service is very good, breakfast is OK!
  • e00052117
    More features of a hotel, we like quiet, that the hotel be naozhongqujing, very comfortable and warm
  • lyp811
    It's OK
  • pcliao
    Overall very nice, a bit far from West lake and night life.
  • dragon5109
    Sincerely, hoping that upgraded the room would be better, didn't think about building
  • fuxiao1982
    Online reservation for a double size bed, there is a big bed, room, and are not satisfied, there are five-star up Samsung
  • Amy_Ric
    A very good environment, good location. room bedding is not dry.
  • e00796264
    Rooms bathroom toilet broken, unable to flush, too late in the evening, no warranties, and warranty in the morning, no one answered the phone to fix, too bad
  • letty625
    Very quiet, good location, very convenient
  • sff612
    Well, well, the environment can still be
  • e01190922
    Hotel is near several scenic spot in Hangzhou, travel is convenient, surrounded by Castle Peak hotel, can be said to be naozhongqujing good place in the city. in General is still recommended, but the breakfast needs to be improved.
  • andy.luo
    Electricity lines in urgent need of reform, two short blackout for two days, but were repaired in a timely manner, once at three o'clock in the night, one at seven in the morning ... This speechless. other aspects of good
  • fridemb
    Location, good air, the surrounding quiet.
  • luojianan
    Hotel is far from the Lake, in a quiet.
    Deserted place, no bus back to the hotel in the evening to play, how far is it from Lake? Hotel wanted to boil water, the pot is leaking, and WiFi can't connect. Want to book this room
  • jjxxtt
    Is to take a taxi in the morning is difficult
  • joyflure
    Environmental excellence
  • E05981033
    Elegance and comfort
  • jimyang2004
    Hotel is near several scenic spot in Hangzhou, travel is convenient, surrounded by Castle Peak hotel, can be said to be naozhongqujing good place in the city. in General is still recommended,
  • E00123210
    Rubbish hotel, don't fit! in the scenic area is not bad!
  • sunbin702
    Good surroundings far away from the city, equipment and facilities.
  • pite1002
    Hotels near the West Lake scenic area
  • catlittlewang
    Hotels don't have a heater, the room was cold, breakfast was OK.
  • e03560966
    Mountain view result is penthouse, depressed, complaints change to better
  • gailxin
    The experience was very bad, eat breakfast, friend, do not let up, things were too rigid, the restaurant manager with a 2B. Hotel health and experience is worse than last time, that you get good service make up for ... all in all this bad review.
  • lxx881202
    Environment is good
  • e02271977
    This excellent hotel is only a five-point play. two business big bed room set, into a suite. two layers, each layer of large, three separate bathrooms, three balconies and a very good environment.
  • ellenlam512
    Like, outdated facilities, breakfast good, health in General!
  • aimeexiang
    Nice hotel close to the Hill
  • ftjn001
  • lanyi27
    Line price cheap
  • Amway35778517
    Hotel location very good
  • Marisa
    Should not be a five-star hotel room smells, traffic is very convenient, in General.
  • jing2guo
    Hotel old
  • mallory_119
    Hotel location was excellent, near the West Lake scenic area, but also a bit of eating little, hotel staff was polite, but has errors, but next time will stay, overall nice
  • aimes
    Hotel service is good
  • miyabibest
    Environment, but hotel room tatami style did not like, especially depression
  • lulu78
    Old rooms musty carpet is dirty
  • cxcarmen
    Each to Hangzhou will set here, after this lessons never to has! VIP office room air conditioning fundamental no with of, is a ventilation of just, no heating, night froze to death! recommends winter wants to staying of Pro-are carefully consider. check out time at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, because this to is run Hangzhou Marathon of, run finished road traffic, late has points check out, prior has with front desk communication can 2.30 back, front desk at is agreed of, we probably 2.20 around to back of, knotFruit is that we add for your room!
  • ceowindy
    Room was good, in the mountains, have a balcony, or split-level room, is because it is a Festival, if waiters home? restaurant food sucks, not to order, only packages, less bad to eat
  • vic13
    Feel good-by mountains on all sides were very good-
  • jo0109
    No composite five-star standard, breakfast table and all that shabby
  • ciciswan
    It's not bad
  • dinofit
    Location is Rod, in Lake side Shang, walk on can arrived Lake, room is big is clean, housing outside is Jade Mountain, is beautiful, morning woke up with with bird called, is comfortable, in noisy of city in found a copies quiet. most worth recommended of is hotel of breakfast, special of rod, is big, is like, West combined, front desk of service is quite of good, that lobby Manager I not too remember name has, service is thoughtful, only bad of is hotel that help set attractions tickets ofPeople, various flickers we, special of not mark, told we set good has, but to has attractions, scenic of people with we said has never no with hotel cooperation had, is enough has. that booking of people later let I to contact a guide, but she and guide said of take votes locations are not a, last we also is himself buy of votes. then I with that booking of people call said let she, I back hotel of when in solution this thing, but that female of was began scolded I, said I not listening toHer commanding, was served, hotel and quickly dismissed the people! Hangzhou taxi is not very good, but the hotel staff were very active in helping us take a taxi, but I suggest you can download taxi software to Hangzhou, Hangzhou car very well, and the driver will tell you about the city's culture.
  • cwn999
    A very good environment, very suitable for business people, next time select
  • e03913128
    Breakfast service poor! what too many tourists there is no service at all! and weak traffic in Hangzhou! can only sigh leave or do not go!
  • lei millet
    Helping friend, is said to be good, should be coming