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The West Lake Hillview International Hotel (Lantian Qingshuiwan Guoji Dajiudian) is located just a five-minute walk from West Lake,  nestled between the Yuhuang and Jiuyao mountains. The on-site restaurants serve both Chinese and Western dishes. Business travelers can make full use of on-site conference rooms to organize events. For recreation,  there are many fitness facilities for guests to take advantage of.

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住客评论 2369条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • aurora_wuu
    Environment, health conditions are very good, facilities, transport is not very convenient, Lian hua road, one-way, 11 holiday release when we came back to round
  • cici830
  • m00555430
    Wireless network is too bad!
  • freemf
    Hotel too old
  • mingwong08
    Room environment, surrounded by Nice!
  • sawen
    Beautiful, scenic
  • luofeng
    Hotel to find, waiter service, rooms come with free upgrades
  • Angel130
    Not far from the Lake, various aspects of hotel is good
  • baas.gui
  • Herd $ ¥ ¥ $
    Very good nice hotel very quiet well forgot to bring my card front desk girl Tian Xueping gave me Sir/Madam thanks looks nice a girl I thought it was a little ugly house keeping is uniform Oh Liu Concierge service at the front desk is awesome?
  • bingyan
    Hotel on the hillside from Lake some distance. the overall feeling of the room OK, eating is not convenient. facility seemed a little time.
  • bairu8369
    A very good environment, but health isn't clean enough, from the scenic area close ... ... Next time will stay
  • Candy Cat
    Service is good, not far from the West Lake
  • jorsiwei
    Facilities there are old, five-floor twin room is attic, a bit depressing. rooms and corridors is not ventilated, feeling bored.
  • fsj720
    The characteristic mountain-view big bed room, was especially disappointed that the room environment is very poor, also stars than even one Inn, lower leakage, the toilet, and there is room at the top! outsaid! will never live again!
  • e00093676
    Attic-like room nightmares and constantly scared scared literally can't imagine
  • ray_gong
    Environment, service, location is good
  • Jerryrene
    Price/performance value air and landscape in the area is good, breakfast is also good. the only inconvenient is the area within the time limit, limit and odd vehicles, does not facilitate field 5 points to check.
  • Three Van SJ
    Hotel was very old, clean the inside of the room not very clean
  • super long one
    I is to living was scared. I life really of most fear bug, results this room inside has a is strange of, thumbs so big of flies, for has a room also has! aunt said is bug. I is no language has, colleagues of room is is pillow towel is has rust water. We also set has 599, but is price too low has, I only requirements can clean Ah. but service attitude are is good, or I is to check out leave has. but seems has a VIP floor there will than... Well, not live again, is really never encountered so big bugs in the room ... very quiet around environment. very old, musty in that room before, and I have been sneezing and put new ones can also be bland.
  • apoluo123
    Old hotel, perfect location, very quiet, suitable for driving
  • andyo0o0
    Hotel is very good,
  • aning
  • elin_06
    Very good, will stay
  • meigaomei123
    Around nice hotel too old.
  • cjb5610788
    Environment room was musty
  • sxmoguofu
    That's no problem
  • bonsonso
    Transport, taxi, and often is limit line by line, to the downtown area around the far.
  • rainbow_luyan
  • jimfc
    Is not convenient for transportation, all good
  • dairy
    Nice, next time stay
  • sunny_dreamstar
    Except environment compared quiet, (quiet of are didn't people, buy a things is not convenient, taxi also hard) hotel facilities too old, five-star hotel of supporting facilities are not has, service front desk better, room service General, daily are is not placed slippers mosquito tablets what, must to times urged to to sent to. first days room has bowls, second days no, call Hou sent to has, third days also no, to a asked, to of replies is only first genius sent bowls, no language Ah... Then why are you called again the next day?
  • gooders
    Rarely comment, this is unbearable. sorry this price ... Hotel too old, rather, business hotels. room telephone is bad, shower water pressure small, however, if it is not there is no way, absolutely do not recommend.
  • lanying654321
    Surrounding environment and the decoration of the hotel is a bit old, important breakfast too poor!
  • pray86
    Nice hotel, is to take a taxi is not easy.
  • Deluby
    It wasn't too bad
  • e00051983
    Interim decision see West Lake, very rushed. hotel location very good breakfast fit to drive fair, opposite home farm is very affordable Lotus people. love with no contact lens solution, Gao Peng at the front desk, Bu Xinmin, You Huihui trying to end for her own use, Chargers don't take room and lend our own, service is absolutely great.
  • gtjxiang
    Overall is good, fresh air and strategic location. but still plenty can be improved; 1, a special odor. might account for the outdated facilities; 2, light is too dark, the corridor was too dark; 3, various worms, might account for backing.
  • dfafds
    Hotel is a bit old, price, breakfast is so-so
  • Alex22133
    Nice, on the Lakeside, hotel clean, fully equipped, the rooms lovely
  • cccabala
    It's not bad
  • caiweiabby
    See reviews is 2015 decoration results in a unit mold taste Samsung are than was in that open Conference night group people noisy of die didn't people tube eat breakfast to Rob eat of points of noodles end hand above a layer bubble obviously is Cook of water not know Cook has how many again also not put bubble fishing off one points appetite are no door has bike rent but 50 block a car to know Hangzhou bike free rental is national famous of next absolute not again live morning check out I ofCards are chip cards said to insert magnetic dusting brush at the front desk said the results of the same brush I get a message failed to tip after several brushes to plug my patience to complete authorization
  • cami1981
    Environment, room, service, breakfast
  • baby3621503
    Nice, but inaccessible, if it is not convenient for tourists, vacation trip if it is resting very well.
  • jery2012
    Good facilities
  • e00028546
    Quiet hotel, near the Lake, air quality is good! the room layout features. nice!
  • e00093676
    Breakfast is poor, environment, other lines. grade of hotel is not worth the price
  • nbreyda
    Hotel of service very satisfaction, especially front desk of week Mr of service, first days I on set of room not satisfaction, requirements for to VIP floor, but VIP floor no room, next day week Mr for we upgrade to VIP floor, and active for I handling luggage, away from shop is is he of service, full reflected five-star of service, yihou to Hangzhou on live this a home. VIP floor of room is big, environment is good. worth recommended. features mountain big bed room (Hotel statue enjoy) [containing early]
  • jitianyan
    Hotel is near the West Lake, is very convenient.
  • cocoluluping
    Unfortunately does not have any protection in the lower part of the bed, walking does not notice easily scratch, hopes to improve ... ... ...